EyeWrite is a unique, specialist service to support written and oral communication in eye and vision sciences including ophthalmology and optometry. All of our fees are highly competitive, but we offer particularly low fees for authors based in low to middle income economies. See What We Do and Who We Are to find out more.

Our services include specialist editing and proofreading by an academic with over twenty years’ experience of writing, editing and publishing in optometry, ophthalmology and vision science.

You can submit your manuscript securely and confidentially via this web site (see Submit your Work). It will be returned to you via email with feedback and suggested changes within a period agreed at the time of submission.

You can also talk with us one-to-one, face to face, for guidance on writing your manuscript or response to reviewers. Please contact us to discuss this option (catherine@eyewrite.co.uk).

Please note that EyeWrite does not write material for students, but does provide detailed guidance and feedback with the aim of improving the student’s writing in the immediate and longer term.