Fees depend on the type of editing requested, the length of the manuscript but also on the World Bank income classification of the country in which the first author of the submitted work is based. The following are introductory fees and apply to work submitted before 31st December 2020:

Type of editing Fee (low and middle income economies)Fee (high income economies)
Manuscript language and grammar editing £0.01 per word (e.g. £10 for word count of 1000 )£0.02 per word (e.g. £20 for word count of 1000)
Manuscript language, grammar, wording, clarity, logic and data presentation£0.02 per word (e.g. £20 for word count of 1000)£0.05 per word (e.g. £50 for word count of 1000)
One-to-one meeting via Zoom to work on a manuscript or response to reviewers£20 per hour£40 per hour
Letter to editor£15 flat fee£30 flat fee
The above fees apply for manuscripts up to 5000 words. For longer documents such as theses and dissertations please contact me to discuss as the total fee is adjusted (down) for higher word counts. Fees are confirmed in writing before editing begins and are payable after you receive your edited work.