What on earth is ‘writing support’?

Isn’t this just proofreading or editing by another name? Well, no. A quick web search turns up many definitions of the term proofreading, and they all describe the same process, namely reviewing a piece of writing to check for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation or formatting. Editing on the other hand is a process in which the writing is checked for organisation, clarity and succinctness.

‘Writing support’ involves editing as well as detailed feedback from an experienced author and peer reviewer in your field. Click To TweetEyeWrite’s writing support is provided by experienced researchers, authors and peer reviewers in optometry, ophthalmology and vision science. Feedback from EyeWrite identifies and points out errors which may include repetition, unclear writing, flaws or confusing aspects of figures, graphs or tables. It includes suggested changes such as alternative wording and identification of any errors in the text, captions, the figures themselves or referencing. This feedback helps the author to correct any flaws or omissions before the document is read by a reviewer, or undergoes second review.

As well as improving the quality of the document in question, feedback helps to enhance the author’s writing skills for future manuscripts, because rather than simply making the changes, we highlight and explain them so that the author can see what change is suggested and why, and can accept the change or otherwise. So our ‘writing support’ is more than proofreading or editing since the author receives detailed feedback highlighting and explaining any suggested changes to correct errors or omissions, and in this respect helps to develop the writing and to support not only the author’s current work but also their future written work.  

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